by Design

Elegance is in the architecture

Modern yet classic. Grand yet approachable. The Waverly is meticulously designed inside and out to impress upon guests a sense of grandeur while always welcoming residents with the intimacy of home. Every choice in architecture and design is intentional, and the result is unparalleled in the Pensacola marketplace. 

The building’s exterior design of stucco and red brick represents Pensacola in a very deep way.
Gary Gilbert,
Coleman Partners Architects
From the moment you enter The Waverly, you are greeted by a warm welcoming staff and a grand and spectacularly designed space.
John Buzzell,
Bearing Point Properties

Stand out,
fit in

Located in the historic district of Pensacola’s downtown, the Waverly nods to it’s surroundings while pioneering a way forward in stunning fashion. It’s clean, modern lines are accentuated with the iconic red brick that is ubiquitous throughout the area. The lobby evokes a sense of grandeur and awe. It’s rhythmic fluted columns interweave organic lines into the thoroughly modern elements of the space.

Casual sophistication sees the marriage of organic elements with clean, modern lines, thoughtful details and exquisite furnishings.
Jennifer Romero,
Ancora Studio

Living, Inspired by where you live

The Waverly isn’t just at home in Pensacola, it’s inspired by it. A bold yet neutral scheme of organic textures, materials and elements create a living environment that blurs the lines between outside and in. Breezy, seamless living spaces, each complete with a private outdoor living area, connect you to your stunning surroundings, and the iconic neighborhood beyond.